Thursday, September 6, 2012

2012 US Open Women's Semifinals

by Savannah

The field is set.

Maria Sharapova will play Victoria Azarenka.
Serena Williams will play Sara Errani.

I don't think this is a gimme for Serena. In fact I think this could be a very difficult match for Serena if Errani decides she's got nothing to lose and goes for broke.

The two women have played three times and Serena has won them all, dropping only one set. But the matches took place in 2008 and 2009, before Errani reinvented herself. I wouldn't be surprised if the match goes three sets.

As for Sharapova vs Azarenka I'm thinking it's a toss up. Sharapova lucked out against a tiring Marion Bartoli who really needs to reevaluate all her jumping around. She's older now and all I see is her opponents keeping it close waiting for her to wilt in the third set. Azarenka isn't going to give Sharapova anything.

If Sharapova comes out tentative and spraying balls all over the place Azarenka is going to vamp on her like nobody's business. Azarenka has been playing like she's on a mission and she can see the finish line. This one could go three, but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't. I'm guessing Pova in three, Azarenka in two.


The following was reported as Roger Federer's reactions and comments on Rafael Nadal's Wimbledon loss.

Federer has an unusual hope for the future: that more lower-ranked players will challenge the elite the way Lukas Rosol did against Nadal at Wimbledon two months ago. “I do hope more guys ranked where Rosol is or even better ranked do believe more in beating the top guys on the big stage,” he said. “It was just refreshing to see that it was possible for a guy like Rosol to come through.”

Full article HERE

I wonder how refreshed he felt Wednesday night in the New York City borough of Queens?

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Fred66 said...

Federer's loss isn't that much of a shock, at least not to me. Berdych knows something most of the other players still don't realize; that you're not likely to outsmart or outlast Federer in a match, the only way to beat him is to outhit him. I am sorry to see Federer lose, but props to Berdych for finding the right strategy and sticking to it.