Monday, June 25, 2012

Is It Over?

by Savannah

I overslept and didn't see any of Venus Williams first round match against Elena Vesnina except the very last, listless ball Venus hit into the net to end it.
Vesnina celebrated but it wasn't an in your face "BOOM" kind of thing. Her record will show a victory over Venus Williams, something every woman player dreams of but she knew that the woman she beat early this morning US time was a mere shadow of the woman who has won more at Wimbledon than anyone in her generation.

As Venus walked off court and towards the locker room she was not her usual regal self. Instead she looked so worn out she was barely able to carry her racquet bag. She was stoop shouldered and walked slowly.

I've been watching Venus Williams since she played her first US Open. I've been a fan ever since. During her presser today she politely but firmly said she was up for challenges and said she will be back at SW 19 in 2013.

It will take a lot for Venus to hang up her racquets. She is a fierce competitor and hates to give in to anything or anyone. She will fight this illness to the best of her ability wanting to go out on her terms not those dictated by some auto immune problem.

When she does I know she will want to go out with her head high. Whatever she decides as her fan I will support her.

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