Thursday, September 22, 2011

Idle Chit Chat

by Savannah

Jon Wertheim reports via Twitter that the Brazil is in negotiations to bring the ATP WTF to Rio for 2013-2015. Brazil isn't sitting still after getting the World Cup is it? Wertheim has walked this back a bit saying there was a meeting but not about bringing the WTF to South America.

Sam Querrey suffered another setback to his return to the ATP main tour. Seems he got an abdominal infection near his navel. Minor surgery was needed to correct it.

Czech Press is reporting Tomas Berdych, who recently parted with long time girl friend Lucie Safarova is dating a...hold your breath for this...model. There are lots of pictures of the woman, none with Tomas. If you must see what she looks like here is the LINK .
There are also pictures HERE and HERE . Two are in Czech but it doesn't matter does it?

Andy Roddick held his annual charity gala last evening in Austin. Serena Williams was spotted at James Blake's event.

Lots of sturm und drang about Andy Murray's comments regarding a possible players strike, most of it centered on the effect it would have on lower ranked players - read this as meaning players not in the top four. Main stream tennis media taken by surprise that Martina Navratilova has come out in favor of the players taking some kind of action. If this doesn't prove that these people spend most of their time picking lint out of their navels nothing else does.

Anyone who was paying attention during the action taken by the Gang of Three saw no less a lady suit than Chris Evert get emotional about what the players have to put up with. I'm guessing they also didn't see John McEnroe's impassioned history of the bad relations between players and the tennis hierarchy. I'm pretty sure they dismissed Serena's supportive tweet to Rafael Nadal while the meeting was taking place with Brian Earley.

You can't have it both ways guys. If the lower ranked players were rabble rousing the top four would be castigated for not wanting to take the risk and loss of income. Instead, because they are taking a stand they're being accused of not caring about how a strike would effect their lower ranked brothers. Let's just report on the issues behind what the players are saying instead of trying to cast aspersions on the men speaking out. I know that's wishful thinking but it's early and I'm just waking up.

What continues to bother me is the silence of the WTA players. Sure we got pictures of them milling about on court and the de rigueur meeting with Brian Earley at the BJK National Tennis Center did take place but right now it's crickets. I'm guessing the WTA runs a very tight ship. Just keep those beauty shots coming.

Serbian press is reporting that Jelena Dokic has reconciled with her father Damir and has arrived at his estate in Serbia with her boyfriend Tin Bikic.
Link to translation is HERE . Dokic has been playing for Australia. Will this change? Time to make some popcorn?

Australian Davis Cup Captain Pat Rafter is urging enfant terrible Bernard Tomic to put in more hours training if he wants to play with the Big Boys. We'll see.

Speaking of Davis Cup the United States is still in the World Group. We'll start DC play in 2012 away at Switzerland.

Confusing medical reports about Novak Djokovic after his DC retirement that handed Argentina the victory in their DC tie. Anyone watching saw that the problem appeared to be his back. Later reports say that it's a tear in a rib muscle that will require four weeks off the tour. Guessing that will mean he'll mis the Asian swing but so far no withdrawals yet. Keeping in mind all the negative comments about Serena William's being out and about while she recovered from her documented foot injury Djokovic and his girlfriend were seen partying at a club in Serbia with Janko Tipsarevic and his wife. I'm just saying.

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Karen said...

Don't you know that only white folks are prone to injury. Black folks are strong. They don't get injured. They only fake it and then turn up when they feel like it *rolls eyes*

As for the silence from the women, I am neither surprised or shocked by this. The women are now starting the Asian portion of the Tour and I am sure that some enterprising journalist (if there are any) will be asking about the calls for the silencing of the women. It would be instructive to hear what if anything the women will say in relation to this. I hope that they come out strongly about it, and even go so far as to talk about strike action if the same rule is not applied across the board, i.e. silence the men as well.

As for the strike action, as far as I am concerned, when you make millions of dollars for basically working 18 weeks a year, any sympathy that I have for you goes out the window. Either the players revamp their schedules, miss out on some ranking points or they just shut up and play