Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tennis Talk - SEOpen

by Savannah

Since the folks who run the BNP Paribas Open and the Sony Ericsson Open don't see fit to turn the cameras on for early round play I don't cover their events until they do.

I'm making a slight exception for the one and only Bernard Tomic of Australia. Everyone blames his father for Bernard's shitty attitude but some of his antics have begun to draw the ire of the American tennis establishment.

One of my Twitter faves, "FootFault_" posted the following:

So, get this; in his last three tournaments (Dallas Challenger, Indian Wells and Miami), Bernard Tomic granted wildcards directly into the main draw of the events. Bearing in mind the fact that he isn’t even from the USA, that’s a pretty bold and generous move from the tournaments, and you would expect Tomic to take advantage of those free passes, right?

Right. But apparently Bernard Tomic doesn’t agree, instead choosing to spit in the faces of all three tournament directors. Last month he pulled out of the Dallas Challenger after falling a set down in his first rounder, citing fatigue for his withdrawal, however it was clear that he just couldn’t give a rat’s ass. In Indian Wells, he scraped past a sub top-500 doubles specialist in three audaciously tight sets before getting dusted aside by Viktor Troicki in straights. And finally he completed the set today, losing in the first round of Miami to Pablo Andujar, a claycourt specialist on a 5 match losing streak with only one win in the main draw of a hardcourt ATP or Challenger event in his 7 years on tour.

2011 should prove an interesting year for him. Talented as he may be, it’s always the attitude and mental side that determines how far a player goes in his career, and I think it’s safe to say that his attitude stinks like a decomposing skunk.

The link is HERE

I've said it before - the sense of entitlement some of these juniors have is startling. Tomic is just getting called on his shit. I've heard similar reports about Coco Vandeweghe and Lauren Davis from the United States and these were from people in the States.

I disagree with my Tweeting buddy though. Australia is part of the Axis. They will blame his youth, his will to win, whatever it takes to make young Bernard appear less of a douche.

I know I'm using strong language and I apologize if it offends anyone but sometimes you have to be blunt. Until someone slows this kid's roll he will continue to spit in the faces of those who are providing his meal tickets.


Apparently people have been trying to get Roger Federer to Tweet. He is not about to and I'm not surprised. He just doesn't strike me as that type of guy. Then again there is that Lindt commercial where two "airline stewardesses" want to strip search him. I'm just saying...

As Craig Hickman reported yesterday Kim Clijsters has already announced that she will not play any Asian events this year citing fear of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant. Some fans are in the process of ripping her a new one. I side with Kim on this, especially since she has a child. When news reports like this appear randomly online one has every right to err on the side of caution.

Along the same lines the Fed Cup tie between Japan and Argentina has been moved to Kobe, Japan and will take place July 16-17.

Miami 2011 Players Party
I like this outfit for Maria Sharapova.
Miami 2011 Players Party
Dominika Cibulkova proves she's "bootylicious"
Jo Miami 2011
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga melting hearts and butter all over the world.
Just a couple of hombre's chilling.


lynney62 said...

Just have to chuckle at the high heels the young folks wear nowdays. Boy I must really be old cause I thought only "ladies of the night" wore shoes like what are in style now. :)

Fred66 said...

Well, I happen to believe that Clijsters' deserves the critiscm she's getting over her comments. Tokyo and Beijing are 6 months away for God's sake, by that time it's quite possible the problems will already have been solved. She's just trying to use the ardiaton fallout as an excuse not to travel to Asia, which she didn't want to do anyway. Last year she decided to have a mole removed from her foot right after the U.S. Open, which wasn't hindering her play in any way, and used that as an excuse to skip Beijing. Now I hear she might retire after the Olympics; my guess is she's just one injury away from retiring again. If he shoulder keeps bothering her, she'll be gone by the end of the year. I won't miss her, that anti-feminist, "Happy Housewife" act is getting on my last nerves.