Monday, January 10, 2011

Andre Agassi and Sexting

by Savannah

Sometimes someone says it better than you. Sarah Thurmond at wrote about the incident in Taiwan over the weekend where during a charity auction Agassi offered the highest bidder for an item the chance to see his wife naked via a picture on his cell phone. The video of the event can be found by clicking the above link. Here is Ms. Thurmond's piece/

Remember when Andre Agassi smacked his wife, Steffi Graf, in the face with his racquet while attempting a left-handed forehand during an exhibition in Houston? She walked off the court holding a towel to her face; he continued playing. We can only imagine the hell she gave him later that night. It probably went something like this: "You always have to get so carried away in front of a crowd! One of these days you're going to take it too far, and someone is going to get hurt. Oh wait—that just happened!"

Well, that sound you hear is a bell ringing, signaling round two of what I suspect will be another bout between the married tennis legends. Once again, Agassi used Graf as the mark of his comedic jabs. Last week, Agassi was in Taipei playing an exhibition with Marat Safin, Mikhail Youzhny and ATP players from Taiwan, including Yen-Hsun Lu. The players attended a charity auction, and, as this clip shows, at one point Agassi took over as auctioneer. Holding up what looks like an autographed, semi-ornate porcelain platter, he said, "You pay more than $4,000, and I will show you a picture of my wife on my phone naked." That got the crowd clapping. It also got a man to put up the money because the next shot on the video is Agassi showing him something on his phone. It may not have been an actual photo of Graf in the buff, but if it was, it didn't get too much of a reaction from the winning bidder:

Graf must be a really a good sport to put up with Agassi's "take my wife, please!" schtick. If she isn't, it's a good thing Agassi was a good defensive player because after this latest incident, those skills must come in handy at home.

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kavitha said...

It is a shame that none of the magazines or people posting the video have taken any effort to what really happened and to find out if Graf knew about this the whole time. By the way, the picture on Agassi's phone is of Graf's back which was naked. By the way, the auction raised millions (Taiwenese money) with the plate being sold for 21 million.Pretty good money for brief view of a naked back which can easily be found on the net.