Sunday, October 31, 2010

Doha 2010- The Finalists

by Savannah

Haters to the left.

From Serena Williams on the retirement of Elena Dementieva.

You will be missed!
Elena you will be missed. The matches we competed in were always so intense. You helped make me better both on and off the court...

All the best to you Love, and to all your endeavors.

I think this closes the book on all the chit chat don't you?


It'll be Kim Clijsters against Caroline Wozniacki for the WTA YEC crown.

Should we start calling this the Blonde Ambition Final?


TennisAce said...

As one of those haters who need to go to the left, all I have to say is the same thing I always tell my children. In some situations someone has to be the adult. Clearly in this Serena has once again showed that she is the adult.

It is obvious therefore that the family has let bygones be bygones. That does not mean those of us who felt that her comments against the Williams Family about match fixing (something that has stirred up folks against Federer, even though there is no proof that he actually bet on a match), a situation which now has the head of the largest sports management agency under investigation should reflect just how we feel about this particular individual.

The fact that Serena has chosen to respond in the way she has says more about Serena than it does about her many fans. I for one will continue to feel that the least that Elena could have done when she made those nasty comments was apologise to the Williams family publicly.

*Hater going to the left*

Sen no Rikyū said...

Any comments on this story?

Christophe Rochus fires parting shot on doping:

vw said...

This time I'm glad that Kim was there to take it. Shows once again that Woz can't do it on the big state.

TennisAce said...

vw give her time. She is 20 years old and she is playing in an era where there are many great players who are still around. Pushing Clijsters to 3 sets is no small feat. She made Kim start to doubt herself and I for one am sorry that she was unable to pull out the win.

I wish people would look beyond fandom and look at this young lady and watch how she carries herself. Professionalism does not begin to describe her. No grunting, no fist pumping in her opponent's face, a racquet thrown here and there. After seeing so many women wear the mantle of No. 1 and falter with it, we finally have someone apart from Serena who has taken this ranking and owned it. 6 titles, 3 of them premier events, back to back to back is a damn good achievement and is to be commended.

When a male player accomplishes this, we applaud him and say how wonderful he is. Let us get behind a player on the women's side whose sole deficiency right now is that she needs to ditch on court coaching and figure it out for herself and get herself a forehand that can finish a shot.

2 years ago Venus and Serena made mention of Wozniacki and remarked that she would be one to watch. I have watched her since her first title in Las Vegas almost 4 years ago. She has really improved and while her game sometimes puts me to sleep, so does Dementieva, and Clijsters and many others.

I say give her a chance. We may just be surprised.

TennisAce said...

Savannah I am sure you must have seen this article by now posted over at It makes for very interesting reading.