Thursday, October 15, 2009

Idle Chit Chat

by Savannah
Neil Harman posted this on October 5 2009

Speaking in his home country this weekend, Federer said: “People like it still that I am the No 1 or the No 1 again so I have to make a hard decision, the one or the other [either the tour or the Davis Cup] because both together is not working, I feel it myself, it is consuming. If I hadn’t played the Davis Cup I maybe would have gone to Asia, so you see how much energy the Davis Cup takes [out of you]”.

Marat Safin is reported to have said the following about the length of the ATP calandar and those who are now complaining.

"In 2004 we had this discussion in Olympic Games with Roddick about it and they were blaming me that I'm playing too much," said former world number one Safin And I was saying that the season is too long. We should make it shorter. And the guys, they jumped on me, like I was the one who was wrong. So look at all of them -- everybody is falling apart. Everybody is getting injured left and right, and everybody is complaining the season is long. It takes six years to realize that something is wrong? They just have to deal with that, not when they are 21 and ambitious and want to make money. They have to think a little bit with their brains and to make the career a little bit longer."

Tatiana Golovin has hinted that her chances of returning to tennis are slim to none. She is suffering from spondylitis of the back. The L'Equipe article is here.

The Chinese have made no secret about wanting to host a Slam. They'd like to expand the number of Slams from four to five or wrestle the Australian Open from Melbourne and hold an Asian Open in either Beijing or Shanghai. That's why it's amazing to see the lack of butts in the seats especially in Shanghai. I have never seen so many empty seats at an ATP event where all of the top men are playing. It was better today but not by much. If it wasn't for the fangirls and cute kids that are all over the place center court would be dead. I saw some of Ivan Ljubicic's match this morning and that stadium was empty. What gives? I'd think it would be to the Chinese advantage to have as many "seat fillers" as possible.

Czech player Ivo Minar has been suspended eight months for a doping offense. The suspension ends on March 10, 2010. Minar will not protest the sentence.

Andre Agassi on the future of men's tennis.

Agassi said the 22-year-old Murray is the man most likely to be the dominant figure over the next few years. The world No. 3 is still seeking his first Grand Slam title.

“From a talent standpoint, Murray is a person who should win multiple Slams,” Agassi said.

“When I look at his game compared to the other players, he has what it takes to win and to win against anybody on any surface.”

So who was the genius who decided that the Kremlin Cup, one of the WTA's most prestigious end of year events, would be held the week before the YEC at Doha making sure that none of the top Russian women would play? Some of the players mentioned this at the beginning of the year but it's now, when the players list is posted on the official site, that you see how this event has been downgraded. Meanwhile there are two International Series events playing in Linz, Austria and Osaka Japan. I finally saw some pics of the women today so I know this is not a figment of my imagination. I'm still trying to get my head around why the YEC at Doha isn't closing out the year. I'm slow like that.

Stan Wawrinka and Gael Monfils retired with injury today in Shanghai. Fernando Verdasco, who has put off needed foot surgery to play Davis Cup for Spain, lost his match.

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Craig Hickman said...

Agassi said Murray would win the 2009 US Open as well. But he couldn't even get past Cilic.

The hype goes on.