Monday, September 7, 2009

Tennis Talk US Open Day 8

by Savannah

There were double bagels, fabulous comebacks, pwnage and just plain lessons in how the game is played on display today.

I dare anyone to say that they predicted that at this point in the tournament there would be no Russian women and no American men still competing. This is the first time in history that not one American male made it to the quarter finals.

The demise of all the Russian women needs further thought. I can't get my head around that yet. I'm sure that the Russian Federation and the USTA are not amused.

More later.

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Karen said...

Morning Savannah. What was also relevant as noted by CNote is that there are no Serbian women either. It is funny to think that this time last year the Serbs were the toast of New York, now you cannot find them if you looked hard enough (except for Novak). What is even more mind boggling is that no American men made it to the final 8 of their home major. That is akin to no British men making the final 8 of Wimbledon (that almost happened this year, except for Murray) and he is only British when he is winning. When he loses he is from Scotland.