Monday, August 17, 2009

Seen Around

by Savannah

The ATP has taken new profile pictures. I kept reading about them but thought they couldn't be that bad. They are. As you look at them please remember that you have not logged on to the "America's Most Wanted" web site or your local post office if it's still open. These are all tennis players.

Robby Ginepri

Tommy Robredo

Robert Kendrick

Gael Monfils

Victor Troicki

Tommy Haas

Sam Querrey

Kevin Kim
I mean really.


Helen W said...


I'm thunderstruck. How in the world could the ATP accept those shots?

Karen said...

LOL - That is indeed funny. They look like a chain gang - only with better hair.

Savannah said...

There are more. I just didn't want to post them all at once.

oddman said...

OMG! Those are terrible. I wouldn't want to meet any of them in a dark alley. Yikes!

Maru said...

I just love Gael's pic, it's the best.
I've had a blast with these posts about this ATP nonesense of profile pics, I'm totally with the idea of not going the WTA way and selling sex (which the players themselves do quite easily, please I still go ga-ga over every single Marat pic, the efect never wears off)but this pics are just too ridiculous.

lynney62 said...

Good lord....truly scary!!!

Craig Hickman said...

Oh my. Those are some fugly photos.

HoiHa said...

they look like serial killers ... worse than my really really bad passport photo

Tennis Talk, Anyone? said...

Ha! I wonder if Kendrick was forcing himself to look mean. To me, it looks like he can barely keep a straight face!

Kim just looks haggard and worn out.

khaled said...

OMG! how on this earth could they approve THOSE photos! IMHO this crop of men playing tennis is one of the most deliciously sexy in quite some time! These photos make all of them look so..........yuck! I mean I want to call Amnesty International on all of their behalves because these photos are inhumane!