Monday, February 1, 2010

Idle Chit Chat

by Savannah

It may be the beginning of a new decade but the chit chat is already flowing.

The Bleacher Report provides us with the following comment made by Serena Williams after her Oz Open victory.

"I think everyone was for Justine tonight," Williams said. "But you know what really helped me out? This one guy was like, 'You can beat her Justine, she's not that good.'

"I looked at that guy and I was like, you don't know me," Williams added, wagging her finger. "I think I won all the games after that because that's totally rude."

I wonder why Serena is described as having "plopped" to the ground after her victory and others are usually described as falling to the ground in joy. I'm just sayin'...

By the way is it time to talk openly about Serena being one of the all time greats of women's tennis? I don't believe in GOAT's because each tennis generation is different in terms of equipment, style of play and physical abilities resulting from improved diet and training techniques. That said with Serena knocking on the doors of several past greats I think it's time to start the conversation.

There was a report floating around before the end of the AO saying that Bernard Tomic might decide to play for Croatia. Tomic's father was quoted in the Croatian press as making that statement. Somehow I don't think the Australian Tennis Federation would be pleased with that. They've invested a lot of time and money in young Tomic and I'm willing to bet they won't let him go without a fight.

Lleyton Hewitt has had surgery on his right hip. Lleyton had the surgery right after he lost to Roger Federer at the Oz Open. An article posted on the Australian Open site says Hewitt will be out three months.

Jelena Jankovic sustained an injury working on her service motion and will not play Fed Cup for Serbia according to a translation of her blog which is in Serbian.

Meanwhile Svetlana Kuznetsova will play on the Russian Fed Cup team. This comes from comments posted on her official site which is in Russian.

Please note that I don't read Serbian or Russian so if any of you out there do please click on the links and provide a translation. Thanks.

Goran Ivanesivic is joining Marin Cilic's coaching team according to Croatian press reports. Cilic's current coach Bob Brett is reported to be remaining on the young Croatian's team.


bambam said...

The only reason why people are so against Serena is because she's black. I hate to say this, but I truly believe it to be true.

Wayne said...

bambam you are kidding me right? God that is such a lot of crap. People hate Serena because in the past she has come across as super arrogant, graceless, and unable to ever acknowledge her opponent in defeat. Her father didn't exactly help things either. She was almost a female Lleyton Hewitt in that she divided so many people but thank god she seems to have mellowed out over the past couple of years.

As for Tomic yeah Tennis Australia will be pissed but at the same time if he and his father want to audition for the role of Jelena Dokic and threaten to walk because they are not getting there own way then they can piss off to Croatia.